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Most of you know what I do. It’s an awesome job. (if you don’t check out the links on my page- warning NSFW!!) However, it’s really expensive starting up your own site! I’ve paid out my own pocket for all of my start up costs. Hiring models, photoshoot costs, locations, hosting, design, domains, advertising… you name it! I’ve had my budget done and stuck to it, but a great chance just popper up I didn’t financially plan for.

I’ve filmed a lot of stuff on my current camera and the quality is ok, but a lovely model has agreed to sell me her old camera half price which in a CanonXF100. It’s hella better quality than the one I currently have! By a huge, huge margin. This means I can offer full HD videos, with much better audio! Likely more updates as well, as shooting and editing takes way less time being digital rather than analog. More videos of better quality online for my members and sweet as previews for the rest of my lovers!

I’ve managed to save up half the cameras asking price myself, and will keep working to save up the rest but any help would be seriously appreciated! If I raise enough money here to get the camera I’ll be posting some free videos on twitter, tumblr, MFC and my blog for everyone to see as soon as I can after I get it! :)