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Anonymous asked: Hi ... Your body hair looks great on you! ... Would you explain me why you aren't against body hair? Where are you from? thanks

Thanks, Personally I love my body hair. Clean, fresh, fuzzy, comfy and feminine.

I don’t understand the dogmatic demand that women should remove all their hair lest they be considered dirty, gross, unnatural or unfeminine (??erm…??), untidy or a show that someone doesn’t care about appearance.

The argument hair is “dirty”, “unclean”, “gross” etc makes little sense. Yes, hair is a sweat and dirt trap to protect your bits from bad stuff. This problem is easily solvable and already done by everyone I know, and all folks with basic personal hygiene. It’s called washing!!! XD I don’t see how people can use this argument while not demanding everyone start shaving their head hair. Having hair doesn’t make you unclean. Having bad personal hygiene does, and that applies to everyone regardless of their hair status.

Many people seem to believe a women who decides to keep her body hair doesn’t care about her grooming and appearance. Again, unless these people are rallying for a ban on head hair, or people wearing their hair down or out of fancy styling then this argument is moot. They’ve obviously never seen me make my pubes into a badass mohawk type thing either. LOL.

As for the idea that a lack of pubic hair is cleaner and safer, when it comes to pubic lice (crabs), hair removal has been shown to be efficient. However, pubic lice aren’t particularly common at least where I am. Far from it. On the other hand hair removal has been linked to a a rise in many other health conditions which are all much more common. Small nicks or cuts in the skin as well as open pores which could occur with hair removal, can make it easier for viruses of all kinds to establish infections. Plucking, waxing, shaving and using creams naturally irritates and inflames the hair follicles, leaving microscopic open wounds which makes an easy time for things like warts, water warts, various strains/groups of streptococcus,  a multitude of other STDs, staph boils, abscesses and other skin infections. And those things are much, much more common than you’d think. Hair acts as a buffer so you don’t chafe your partners skin off while bumping and grinding. It protects from dirt and other stuff.  If you’re keen to do your own research many studies have been done by many groups and peeps all around the world. So really, that argument is complete BS.

And lastly, for people who think pubic hair on a women is ‘unnatural” and “unfeminine”… I’m not sure if these people know what the vast majority of human beings look like naturally but erm… yeah… No. It’s the exact opposite. Hair is both inherently natural and feminine. And masculine. It’s a most human beings of any gender thing.

Some people don’t love body hair. It’s fine to have hair, or not, or to dye it pink, or whatever folks want to do with it. It comes down to aesthetic and personal preference and that’s it. It’s each persons choice, and folks shouldn’t shame each other over something so damned arbitrary!

Panties and pubes! An out take photo from my shoot for ATKhairy :D I love this shot but it isn’t their style. How adorable are my new blue panties? I’ll have to get a shot with the matching set :)

Panties and pubes! An out take photo from my shoot for ATKhairy :D I love this shot but it isn’t their style. How adorable are my new blue panties? I’ll have to get a shot with the matching set :)

I did a shoot last Friday with a friend for ATKhairy and took some self shot snaps, while she photographed me! :D I can’t wait till my first video and photo set go up, I’l post previews (if I’m allowed) as soon as I can! 

Offtopic: Why does Northrend look like Australia? :p