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l7bear asked: Oh my, your escorting!! What a dream come true, will you ever visit the states

Probably not, plus it’s illegal in USA so I won’t be working there if I ever go

petedoesnsfw asked: When you say escorting you mean outcalls only, or you working out of a venue closer to the CBD than Collingwood? Cheers

Outcalls only :)

Anonymous asked: Are you still working at Collingwood Confidential, or has the website become your primary employment? If you are I wouldn't mind booking a time before you leave the country.

I’m only escorting in the CBD and fringe at the moment :)

"so what’s it like being a fetish camgirl"


"so what’s it like being a fetish camgirl"

this is such a specific article


this is such a specific article

“Don’t ever compliment me by insulting other women. That’s not a compliment, it’s a competition none of us agreed to.”
- "You’re not like other girls." Shut the fuck up. (via poppiefields)

"Fantastic Breasts and Where to Find Them"

"Twohy’s message here is a clear and powerful one as she juxtaposes Harry Potter-themed pornography with more mainstream pornography—and how important (and valuable) it is to many consumers of erotic fan fiction that the sex is just one part of a larger story and that they know the personalities, names, and faces behind the genitals.”

I am one of those people, and this is definitely one of the reasons I like erotic literature. PEOPLE are what’s important to me. We are more than pretty faces and orifices.

I think I should shoot more elf pictures! Agree? Y / Y? ;)
For more sexy druid buisness pics from this shoot >Clicky Here<

I think I should shoot more elf pictures! Agree? Y / Y? ;)

For more sexy druid buisness pics from this shoot >Clicky Here<

my life

Anyone want to fuck a sissy maid? ;)

A close personal friend wants to lose his anal virginity for $$$ hehehe >:D Slutty maid fantasy! He’s Asian, tall, slender, with long dark wavy hair, legs for days, very pretty face. Very submissive and eager to please! Is anyone here interested in that sort of thing? ;)

If so, let me know. Heck you can book both of us and we can push him around together. Secretly very into that. Ok, not so secretly :p

Can anyone recommend any good forced feminization / crossdressing stories online?

spawny13 asked: Excited for shadows of mordor or the new dragon age?

No, I hadn’t heard of either of those things till now. I haven’t been following any gaming news that isn’t Witcher related tbh, I’m trying to not become sucked in, so I can get work done :p


E L V E N . R O G U E

Elven Rogue + Elite Thalmor armor

This mod contains two Elven type armors

  • - Elven Rogue
  • - Elite Thalmor

Both are craftable & temperable at any forge & workbench.
Elven section, elven smithing perk NOT required.
For the ones who rather not wish to craft them, but rather obtain them:

  • - Elven Rogue Loaction hint:
    I Am lit, between night and dawn. I lay death, near an empty graveyard of the ancients.

  • - Elite Thalmor Location hint:
    Solitude. Locked away nice and tidly. Unlockable only through thievery. What do i got, in my pockets?


- Your location riddles are stupid, just tell me the location of it!
Find it or craft it.

- Light or heavy?
Light armor. Both of them. Will update if enough requests rolls in for heavy armor.

- Potatoes?
Yes, potatoes.


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I M P O R T A N T . D O . R E A D 
I am dead serious when I say ‘I don’t wanna see this re-uploaded' elsewhere. Wanna share it? Okay, just link them all here. Cuz anal probe still freaking stands. Eyyeee.


{ D O W N L O A D }